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Shaileen Shah

Speaker, Teacher & Coach

Happy Life Habits Founder

  • Certified in Greater Good Science Centre (GGSC) Science of Happiness edx course

  • One of first 6 trained & certified in Teaching Happiness by Museum of Happiness (MoH)

  • First in world certified by both GGSC and MoH!

  • Action for Happiness “Exploring What Matters” Course : Volunteer Co-Lead

  • NCS The Challenge: Workshop Facilitator

  • Volunteer at Tony Robbins Seminars in late 90s early 2000s

  • Young Jains: Active volunteer member and Non Executive Committee Member

  • Veerayatan Shree Chandana Vidhya Peeth Jain School : Volunteer Teacher

  • Museum of Happiness : Volunteer and workshop speaker

  • Service Space : Volunteer

  • Member of - Business for Good

  • By buying workshop, coaching or journals you enable the voluntary and free work to be sustained as well as make a positive impact in the world via Buy 1 Give 1.

Video created for and by Museum of Happiness to profile community members sharing happiness.

Many thanks to Museum Of Happiness and James Light for producing this.

Shaileen’s Journey

In 1994 Shaileen Shah started working for a USA based Technology Consulting firm which meant he worked for large corporations in the UK and USA. in 1994, during an assignment in Chicago for an Unilever subsidiary he flew back to the UK for 4 nights to attend the flagship Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within (UPW) Seminar which included a fire walk on the first night. Around the same time he got raptured with Stephen Covey’s awesome book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change” and created his personal mission statement. Simultaneously he began exploring spirituality and his Jain faith by attending and being a volunteer at Young Jains.

These experiences started his journey on personal & spiritual development, learning and growth. He observed similarity and connection in the insights, concepts, ideas, practices he learned in both personal development and spirituality. Creatively combining them to share with groups.

He continued working in technology moving from the consultancy firm into financial services for companies such as Schroders, Equitas and RBS Investment Banking. He joined Greenwich NatWest in 2000 just as RBS decided to take over NatWest. Progressing from developer to Technical Project Manager before leaving in 2016.

During this time he experienced the organisation going from boom to bust of the 2008 financial crisis. Half his career was integrating various systems into the RBS platform and the other half removing systems from the platform as the bank went through the biggest corporate change in history at the time. This brought huge growth, change, challenge and uncertainty. Pre-Crisis and soon after he was assigned roles and projects that he found very challenging in terms of his skill set and experience at that time and felt did not get the required support to grow to meet those challenges and hence suffered stress, sleepless nights, anxiety, overwhelm, loss of meaning and purpose which impacted his health, focus, effectiveness, productivity and general sense of well being and happiness. The doctor diagnosed stress and mild depression and signed him off for a few weeks from the work environment.

This is truly when soul searching, reflection, contemplation and action played their roles to apply the knowledge, skills and tools previously learnt to rebuild empowering habits and mindset to live his mission statement and values. He focused on the 4 human dimensions of Physical, Mental, Social/Emotional & Spiritual and now has goals & habits in each to live a meaningful, purposeful, balanced and happy life. Continuously learning, imbibing, growing & sharing Happy Life Habits.

Personal Development + The Science of Happiness + Spirituality
— Shaileen Shah