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Workshop - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective and Happy Accountants
We were lucky enough to have Shaileen Shah come and give the above presentation at our accounting conference in November.  During the preparation he was very easy to work with and was able to tailor the presentation specifically to our needs and to provide a few pre read questions which focused everyone on the subject.  On the day, his presentation was entertaining yet thought provoking with people saying that it made them rethink how they had been living their lives and that they wanted to and would make changes.  From a company point of view this is a real win-win as Shaileen was able to share statistics showing that happy employees are more productive and better motivated.  Therefore this is something I would highly recommend to anyone looking to motivate their staff.  The only question is, do you dare to do something so different?  I did, and I’m glad as my diverse multi-country team is now on the road to becoming highly effective and happy accountants

— Shef Mehta, Group Financial Controller Developing Markets (DMO) and Head of Internal Controls DMO, US Fortune 500 Tech Company
You have been an amazing gratitude coach to me. I have learnt to appreciate all that I have in my life through guidance from you. I also had an opportunity to share my experiences through our sessions with some of my friends that also helped them in their life journey and it’s ongoing. You helped enlighten me on empowerment and internal happiness through gratitude everyday and looking into the good in everyone. Thank you, thank you and thank you for sharing some of the most powerful tools to help me grow as an individual and become a better ME. Words can’t express how thankful I am to you. You are an amazing person full of gratitude and so humble. I am blessed to have known you....
Stay blessed and happy always..
— Meera, Kenya - Coaching Client
Shaileen’s dedication to bringing about happiness in people’s lives is relentless. In almost two decades that I have known him, I have observed how Shaileen’s ability to recognise others’ unique talents and bring them to the surface through opportunities to thrive, makes him a superb leader. Through his workshops, Shaileen provides the framework for inner transformation - yes, he even gets attendees to do the hard work to bring about real change. He follows this up with individual and group interactions to help attendees embed those changes through, for example, the caring, content-rich 21 day gratitude challenge. I’m blessed to have had Shaileen’s mentorship over the years and look forward to working alongside him in the years ahead.
— Suraj Shah, Business Development Consultant
I attended a gratitude workshop around 18 months ago at a difficult time in my life. It helped me appreciate what I had rather than wallow in self-pity. It helped me start a pattern of thinking at the start of each day what I wanted to achieve that day and then at the end of the day being grateful if any of those things had been achieved. I have had more days feeling fulfilled rather than dejected
— Professional Working Mum