We positively impact happiness & well-being levels. Sharing and developing Habits to live a Happy Life.

This is so individuals, groups, communities & companies can engage in a happier, kinder, effective and meaningful way with the challenges that life unfolds. We combine Personal Development with The Science of Happiness & Spirituality to create and share uniquely creative, informative and valuable material through talks, workshops and coaching.

 HAPPY LIFE HABITS = Personal Development + The Science of Happiness + Spirituality

Our Mission

Positively Impacting Happiness & Well-Being Levels so that individuals, groups & communities can engage in a happier, kinder & more peaceful way for the great good.

our values

  • Gratitude

  • Integrity

  • Kindness

  • Innovation

  • Focus

  • Service

  • Effectiveness

  • Learning & Growth

  • Outstanding Value

  • Win-Win Relationship

You have been an amazing gratitude coach to me. I have learnt to appreciate all that I have in my life through guidance from you. I also had an opportunity to share my experiences through our sessions with some of my friends that also helped them in their life journey and it’s ongoing. You helped enlighten me on empowerment and internal happiness through gratitude everyday and looking into the good in everyone. Thank you, thank you and thank you for sharing some of the most powerful tools to help me grow as an individual and become a better ME. Words can’t express how thankful I am to you. You are an amazing person full of gratitude and so humble. I am blessed to have known you....
— Meera, Kenya