Inspired Mindful Moments During Taxing Times

I had not planned to write this blog but had an inspired mindful moment. Today is the last day of the current tax year. I remember a quote I had seen when I was younger.

Born Free, but taxed to death!

Tax, money, work, health, parents, kids, family, relationships, traffic, Brexit or lack off can all cause us stress. Stress in itself is not a bad thing, it is the body’s coping mechanism to deal with perceived threat and help us survive. The problem occurs when we have constant stress which are greater than our capacity to deal with them. Fortunately we can nurture, practice and develop coping systems that increase our capacity to deal with and bounce back. This is known as resilience. Happy Habits such as mindfulness and gratitude help build our resilience, perspective, ability to cope and find solutions.

Over the next month and bit I am fortunate to take part in various events where I can share about stress, resilience, mindfulness and happiness.Some are free public events and some are ticketed events. Details are below.

4th May “The Resilient Dentist” : Oshwal Dental Group

14 May “Mental Health Awareness: Habits for Happy Mental Health” : GLL Better Finchley Lido

30 May “Mental Health Awareness: Habits for Happy Mental Health” : Shishukunj

02 June “Journey from Stress to Happiness”: Oshwal Health and Care Fair : Oshwal Centre

In June I will be hosting an online 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge

If you are coming to any of the events let me know, would love to say hi.

I have capacity to share more and would love to do more events. So If you have opportunities at your work place or group let me know, especially for Mental Health Awareness, Resilience or Well Being.