Having recently sent gratitude emails to clients who have purchased products or services to thank them for helping make a difference in someone else’s life by supporting the UNs Sustainable Development Goals was very heartwarming. Seeing the impact we are making is terrific. This is a business for good, not just creating financial profits but more about making a positive impact in making the world better. This is good karma.

Happy Life Habits is designed from the start as a business for good. It’s mission:

Positively Impacting Happiness & Well-Being Levels so that individuals, groups, communities and companies can engage with life in a happier, kinder, effective & more meaningful way for the greater good.

Expressing some of the companies values which include Gratitude, Kindness, Service, Making a Difference & Win-Win Relationship; Happy Life Habits supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by partnering with the organisation B1G1 - which stands for Buy 1 Give 1. Buy a product or service and in doing so we give to make a positive impact related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • When a happiness journal or book is bought we give a book to a library.

  • When workshop or speaker session is paid for we give 240 days of learning material to vocation students in need

  • When a coaching package is completed we give 30 days of life training to a young person in prison

  • When a well being programme is completed we give 30 days of specialised medical support to people in need

When you do business with Happy Life Habits we create a Win-Win Relationship. We provide you with outstanding value with the products and services we supply. You and recipients of the service/product get a positive impact in happiness and well being levels. Happy Life Habits gets to serve its mission, do what it does best and be compensated for the value created.

This allows it to continue to provide the services to individuals, companies, corporations, organisations as well as free services to community groups, charities and individuals.

However, together we impact and support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and bring greater good to the world.

To see the impacts we are making and for more information see

Thank you Happy Life Habit Clients for this support and making a meaningful difference.

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