Many people in December do a end of year review to reflect on the past 12 months. They go through their calendar, diary, journal and memories to reflect and capture aspects from the year. There is a great free tool called the year compass that can help with this process available from The process can be insightful, heartwarming, provide learning and growth. Instead of waiting till the end of the year to do it why not do one at the end of each month, This has the advantage of making the end of year process quicker and smoother, less chance of missing things and the benefit of getting a good feeling as you savour and reflect at the end of the month and the opportunity to savour each following month.

One way to do it is to copy some of the items from the yearcompass into a word document or google sheet and title with the chosen month then add to it each month end.

Things to consider for inclusion are:

What did I achieve this month?

What were insights I gained?

What did I learn?

What am I grateful for?

What was challenging and how did I deal with it?

Who helped me?

Who did I help?

What could I have done better?

What am I looking forward to this coming month?

The YearCompass breaks it down into a few categories which include:

  • Personal Life & Family

  • Belongings

  • Friends, community

  • Intellectual

  • Finances

  • Work, Studies, Profession

  • Relaxation, Hobbies, Creativity

  • Heath, Fitness

  • Emotional, Spiritual

  • Bucket List

This is an expansion of the 4 human dimensions of : Physical, Mental, Social/Emotional and Spiritual.

YearCompass gives opportunity to consider the time period in six sentences such as :”The wisest decision I made…”. and six questions such as “What is the best thing you have discovered about yourself?”.

There is much more to the review doc than shared here, however, hopefully this gives you a feel.

Enjoy reviewing and reflecting